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How it all started!

I started playing basketball when I was 6 years old. With ups and downs I played pretty much almost the whole life. When I was playing for Pilsen club in Czech Republic I had also opportunity to coach basketball for variety of age groups which was great but because I was full time student, basketball player and I had another responsibilities I've never had time to do it fully.

Big change in life

After I finished Master's degree I decided to change my life and gain some different experience. I moved to London and I started to work in hospitality. It was totally upside down to my previous life. Everything used to be around basketball now everything was just around "survive mode". First job after graduation wasn't the best but I believed it's just part of the journey and the beginning to something wonderful. My working hours were from 4pm until midnight so for few months I had no chance to join any basketball teams.

Eventually I came back to sports

Later I was working in a gym as a Fitness Instructor and that was much better environment. I started studying to become Personal Trainer and that's where the journey started. I had more time for basketball and idea of combining fitness and basketball came together.

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