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Martin David - Resilience and Perseverance

The learnings of an injury or in this case, three.

Martin is a professional basketball player who has had an interesting journey so far. From playing basketball only for fun to playing in the highest basketball league in the Czech Republic.

His journey has been a hard path, not only physically but also mentally, as he had to recover and overcome a few serious injuries.

Martin and I played basketball together in the second highest league before I moved to London; I also had the privilege to briefly train him when he played in youth. Today I am proud to be able to share his inspirational story with you. Special thanks goes to @alebrijeconsulting for helping with editing this article.

- Martin David -

As I was growing and becoming a better basketball player, I was selected to form part of the National Czech Republic Team under 16 years old and I had the incredible opportunity of playing in the European championship.

Everything went well. However, following this huge success in my basketball career, my first serious injury happened; I was 16 years old.

One day after practice, I decided to stay at the gym by myself to shoot a couple of extra shots. As I was doing a spin move, I stepped on the ball, fell on the floor and sort of sat on my arm. I have never felt this kind of pain before; I looked at my arm, and I assumed it was broken.

I had to wait for my mum to pick me up and she took me straight to the hospital. I had broken the radius bone in my non-shooting arm. The doctors tried to fix it by pulling my arm and attempting to put the bones back into place; they fixed a plaster cast and sent