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Year 32 will be the best yet to come

Growing up my main purpose in life was to become professional basketball player. When I was 18 I signed my first contract although I was only 179cm and not many people believed I could do it.

After two years and a half in professional basketball I had my first knee surgery, I decided my next focus will be on good education while playing semipro, I finished with master’s degree.

But when I graduated I knew I need a big change in life. Playing basketball wasn't full-filling me any more as it used to be.

I had idea of going abroad for one year to find my next purpose.

I came to the UK in 2017. My first job was in the hospitality and my main task was to

wash and polish glasses. I worked from 4pm till midnight. After six months I moved to hotel reception where my main task was to carry luggages to the guests rooms.

For next few years I couldn’t play basketball and I lost my identity as a basketball player. I didn’t know my purpose in life.

Thankfully I was not alone the whole time. Because God sent me an angel to help me go through 5 years of rollercoaster. I went through depression, high levels of anxiety, losing my identity as a basketball player, not knowing my purpose, away from my family, not having time to build new friendships. That angel is actually named Angel. Today, she is my wife.

Last year was the best year of my life.

I have been working as a freelance basketball coach/pt. We got married and life is just great. Sometimes it can get hard, especially when I have been working 6 days a week for many months. But I don’t mind waking up in the morning because I found my purpose and passion again, which is coaching.

From my last birthday until today, I trained 116 individuals in basketball/pt.

Big thanks to God for guiding me through life and blessing me with amazing family and friends.

I know that the best is yet to come. This is just a beginning.

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