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Do you spend enough time with injury prevention?

Throughout my basketball career I had so many injuries that It made me reconsider my future and priorities. When I was asked by teacher in primary school I always knew I wanted to be professional basketball player. I was told that only few percentages of people can actually succeed and make it to the pro level. But I was determined.

I sacrificed so much to this sport. So many hours, days, weeks, months and years. I practiced outside our team practices on my own, I was watching basketball games in TV and I was just creating the imagine in my head what I have to improve to get there, to get to the pro level.

Playing games every weekend, working out during summers between the seasons to get better not having enough rest, just practicing and playing and practicing again. Sometimes overcoming injuries that eventually came back later. Going over the pain just to not miss out.

My first ankle sprain happened during an international tournament in Moscow, Russia when I represented Czech Republic with the team under 16 years old. Ankle sprains are reported to be the most common sports-related injury, and the number one injury for time lost.