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  • Basketball Coach level 2

  • Personal Trainer level 3

  • Performance Enhancement Specialist

  • Core Strength & Stability

  • Weight Loss Specialist 

About Kamil

I am an ex-professional basketball player from the Czech Republic, basketball coach with over 10 years of experience and personal trainer based in North London.

I started playing when I was 6 years old. I played for national team of the Czech Republic under 16 and 20 years old winning bronze medal in the European Championship.

I combine all my knowledge and experience in the training with the main goal of helping other people to get better.

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Andrew Garfield

I love training with Kamil. He lives and breathes basketball. It's all he seems to think about. Even after one session my fundamentals improved, my shot was more consistent and things started to click in a new way. He takes real pride in his students and their growth as players. He has great attention to detail and teaches with a sense of passion and joy and true expertise. I love this game and Kamil's teaching is making me somehow love it even more.

Yassin Belle-Mbaye

Kamil is for sure one of my most favourite personal trainers. He is really great at breaking things down, and he lets me know in detail what I can improve on. I trained with him over the summer, and I can proudly say I have improved on my basketball skill set. I would 100% recommend him, for keen, hardworking learners.

Josiah Philips

Kamil is a great mentor. I’ve been coached by many, at the highest levels of basketball, and coach Kamil is definitely one of my greatest mentors. Not only has he helped ameliorate my physical game, but he has helped me to see basketball in a different light by helping me master the emotional side of it.

Tay Kabs

Kamil is very patient and teaches you no matter what level you are at. I didn't know anything about basketball when I started training and now I love the sport and have improved so much! He has got me ready for my celebrity charity game

Jamila Thompson

Kamil is a trustworthy tutor because he cares about whoever he works with and wants them to achieve the best they can give on whatever day.
He’s always smiling which puts you in a better mood and he’s is very reliable.



Kamil Říha

Basketball Coach
& Personal Trainer

Are you looking for basketball coaching?

I am an ex-professional basketball player with over 10 years of experience as a basketball coach. Whether you are a beginner or advanced level, I can help you improve your basketball skills and your game.
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