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If you would like to work with Kamil please use the contact form to get in touch. 

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Are you looking for a personal trainer?

 I am a fully qualified personal trainer level 3, fitness instructor, sports performance and weight loss specialist.
Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.

Are you looking for basketball coaching?

I am an ex-professional basketball player with over 10 years of experience as a basketball coach. Whether you are a beginner or advanced level, I can help you improve your basketball skills and your game.

Are you looking for basketball coaching?

I offer basketball coaching plans that can save you up to 12.5%!
Please note that these basketball plans can only be redeemed at Finsbury Park courts.
No plans availableOnce there are plans available for purchase, you’ll see them here.
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  • Basketball Coach level 2

  • Personal Trainer level 3

  • Performance Enhancement Specialist

  • Core Strength & Stability

  • Weight Loss Specialist 

About Kamil

I am an ex-professional basketball player from the Czech Republic, basketball coach with over 10 years of experience and personal trainer based in North London.

I started playing when I was 6 years old. I played for national team of the Czech Republic under 16 and 20 years old winning bronze medal in the European Championship.

I combine all my knowledge and experience in the training with the main goal of helping other people to get better.

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I started training with Coach Kamil not too long ago but with what I’ve learned so far I’ve learned a lot. The workouts are well-detailed and focused on real game skills. Coach Kamil breaks down each technique and skill, making it easy for anyone to observe and learn. He knows what it takes to take you to the next level of your game/fitness. He has the passion, expertise, knowledge, and patience to teach anyone who wants to improve or even learn. If you want to take it to the next level of your performance, I highly recommend Coach Kamil.


I have worked with Coach Kamil over the past month. I could tell just by watching his game that he had tons of basketball knowledge to share. He has the passion, expertise, knowledge, and patience to teach older people like me (I am 38 years old). Ball handling, skills training, in-game situation, conditioning, everything is tackled methodically. He is always on time for all the sessions. I recommend Kamil for any player looking for a trainer that will put forth the effort to help them realise their basketball potential.


Training with Coach Kamil has been great! He’s helped me improve my footwork, decision-making, and ball-handling thus far. Being a kinaesthetic learner, sometimes I find it hard to grasp new concepts. This requires me to practice certain moves repeatedly which may be time-consuming when stuck on one play/workout for longer than usual. Coach understands this and remains patient. I appreciate this because I’m not judged or put under excess pressure for not knowing how to exercise a move despite my level of experience. I look forward to more training sessions with Coach Kamil as I believe he can help me on my journey to going pro! 


Kamil has been training me for over 6 months, he is simply fantastic. An ex-professional basketball player with experience in personal training and injury prevention training. This is everything I've always wanted in a basketball coach. Kamil is always on time and his preparation is excellent for each session. He's also super sweet and approachable.


I love training with Kamil, he keeps the sessions fresh, pushes me to push myself, helps me with sound advice towards my fitness goals and keeps me motivated. We also have a great laugh when training and before you know it, the sessions ended and you're feeling great in both body and mind. Highly recommended.


Kamil's sessions are always smartly designed, well prepared, and sensitive to individual needs. He pushes you hard without ever sacrificing fun or humour - so much so that I often don't realise just how hard I've been training! A hard-working, erudite PT for people who want to achieve great things with their fitness.



Kamil Říha

Basketball Coach
& Personal Trainer

Personal Training
Basketball Plans
Basketball Sessions
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